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Casa Alba, a historic holiday cottage in Viscri       Up to 12 persons
Casa Alba

Viscri is situated in the heart of Romania as a bucolic village, belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage.

Casa alba, the white house, was a former farm (1796) belonging to the Saxon family Seibet, along to the street conducting to the fortified church. It has been restored carefully to a holiday house for 12 persons.

The pastoral environment incites to the exploration of the amazingly restored village, in which the English heir to the throne, the prince of Wales, feels at home. The village is imbedded in a luxuriant, hilly nature, marked by traditional agriculture and cattle breeding.

Your exploration can be done walking, biking or motorised, admiring the colourful fauna and flora, the picturesque villages, the nearby medieval towns or the challenging Carpates.

Your stay in this marvellous world of a sumptuous nature and a traditional culture will be unforgettable thanks to the silence and the quiet, evoked by the surroundings, the hospitality of the villagers and, last but not least, the numerous stars in the sky after a sunny day.

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