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Casa Alba

​Situation and accessibility


- The house, nr41, is situated at the right along the road going up to the fortified church.

- Viscri can only be reached by the bypass of the national road E60, from Bunesti to Dacia.

  Coming from the North (Sighisoara) via the E60, you have to leave this national road to the right in Bunesti, taking the small road in front of the church
  and continuing through the village until Viscri..

  Coming from the South (Brasov) via the E60, you have to leave the road to the left in Rupea, taking the one to Dacia. Just before the bridge at the
  entrance of Dacia, you will find the indication on the right to ‘Patrimoniul Mondial’ Viscri.

- The nearest airport is the Transilvania airport of Târgu Mures. Please take into account that you will need plus minus two hours on the road between
  Transilvania airport and Casa Alba. Alternative airports are Sibiu (European Cultural Capital in 2007) and Cluj.

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